The Benefits Of New Home Ownership Vs. Resale Purchase

a chart featuring the difference between new homes and resales

There are different schools of thought on this topic, so-much-so, that we wanted to outline some of the salient benefits of owning a new home versus purchasing a resale. Every home buyer's situation is different, and, purchasing a home regardless whether it is new construction vs. resale, is often the biggest financial decisions in one's life. So, what gives? Here are few reasons why we recommend purchasing 'new', which could shed a little more light on your current situation.

What is better? Purchasing a New Home or Resale?

  1. New Designs/New Features - Architectural design changes constantly, as do safety and comfort features. New homes incorporate the very latest designs and features. Used homes tend to look at little dated (interior and exterior) versus current trends.
  2. New Colors and Textures - Paint colors and interior/exterior materials say everything about a home. New colors and materials mean the latest 'look' in home fashion.
  3. New Cabinets - Colors, styles and finishes change regularly. New homes mean the newest looks and functions, plus new shelving and drawers and just ... cleaner!
  4. Energy Efficient - The energy efficient insulation, roof, appliances and HVAC in new homes make your home and your pocketbook more comfortable.
  5. New Fixtures - Dated light and plumbing fixtures are among the most obvious in a used home. New fixtures look better. New fixtures also work better.
  6. New Roof - An older style and standard roof is not appealing to the eye, can leak, and is expensive to repair or replace. A new home's roof is attractive and worry-free.
  7. New Appliances - Older, used appliances not only look dated, they can be inneficient. New homes feature new appliances with the latest looks and improved efficiencies.
  8. Latest Style Flooring - Floor coverings are functional and fashionable. New homes ensure the latest in both, with no ugly stains, nor wear or tear.
  9. Modern Technology - New homes come wired for the digital world of entertainment, information and security. Used homes often lack the convenience of technology.
  10. New, Efficient HVAC - One of the biggest worries of a used home is the HVAC system. New homes mean warmer winters, cooler summers, relaiability and efficiency for years.
  11. New Home Warranty - New homes have new materials, new equipment, new everything. One of the best new things is our 2-10 New Home Warranty. No worries.
  12. New Everything - Because everything in a new home us new it takes the stress out of the equation and creates that unmistakable new home smell! Who doesn't love that?

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